Eleane Ye

Soundscape of Duke Club Badminton practice. In the beginning, you hear a long serve. This is followed by several short shots, perhaps drives near the nets. Then, around the 7sec mark, you hear a smash, and then a jump smash at around 13sec. Throughout, you hear that some shots sound closer than others. You will also hear echoing; this gives a sense of space that reflects the environment of Card Gym where practice is held.

People chatter in the background, birdies fly. It is a lively, energetic practice. To me, this represents health because 1) Sports and health have a reciprocal relationship. Playing sports allows you to stay healthy and fit, and staying fit allows you to get better at the sport. Playing a sport allows people to maintain their physical health. 2) Practice is a time to de-stress and take a mental break from academics. Healthy goal setting and achieving can also help improve mental health and confidence. 3) In a sports club practice, you find community. This community is often made up of a diverse group of people, and through relationships created by playing the same sport, they are able to provide inspiration and support.


Sam Watson

These are the sounds of a point being played out in a volleyball drill. In the drill, there are six players on either side of the net and each team is trying to get three consecutive points. This was recorded at a practice of the VCU club volleyball team from a few feet away from the court. These sounds consist of the volleyball hitting the forearms of passers, players hitting the volleyball, and communication between the players. Running can also be heard as players go after the ball. Recorded on a zoom. 

Andrew Levy, Grant O'Brien

Esta es una grabación de sonido de una pelota de baloncesto que se dribla en un piso de madera dura. El jugador cambia de dirección, por lo que puede escuchar los zapatos de baloncesto chirrido. Intermitentemente, alguien tomó un tiro contra la tabla. En el fondo, se puede escuchar otro juego y el sonido de las teclas en un bolsillo de un jugador. | This is a sound recording of a basketball being dribbled on a hardwood floor. The player changes direction, so you can hear the basketball shoes squeak. Intermittently, someone took a shot against the backboard. In the background, you can hear another game and the sound of keys in a pocket of a player.

Mary Whipple

A recording of Mary Whipple calming her crew before the 2003 World Cup in Milan.

Mary Whipple

This is a recording of Mary Whipple, a 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist and 5-time world champion, coxing the women's 8+ crew at the 2003 World Cup in Milan

Justin Robinson

Sound recording of Duke volleyball game in Cameron Indoor Stadium. In this recording you can hear the crowd cheer as Duke scores a point. You can also hear the announcer of the game. Recorded with an iPhone 6 Plus from the court-side bleachers. Recorded at 6:40 P.M.

Kevin Bhimani

Sound recording of “Devilsgate” at Duke University Main Quad before the first football game of the 2015 season at approximately 4:00 PM. Sounds of people talking and music in the background can be heard. This was recorded with an iPhone 6 held at approximately chest height extended about 2 feet from my body.

Maria Roussos

Sound recording of a softball being hit off of a tee in an indoor batting cage. Batting cage within Jesse Philips Physical Education Center at Oberlin College. Recorded on an iPhone 5s.

Alana Wolf-Johnson

Sound recording of go-karts leaving starting line at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. This race, the Margay Sprint Championship, is the first of the series in the World Karting Association Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series. Part of Daytona's annual "Kart Week," racers compete on a dedicated track inside the Speedway which is built for go-karts that reach speeds of up to 130mph.

Ryan Eichenwald

Sound recording of a cue stick hitting the cue ball, which then ricochets off another ball and into a wall.