Human Food Cultures

Human food culture today is predicated upon the consumer's lack of evaluation of food origins and disposal. Our consumption habits are generally anthropocentric with little regard for occurrences prior to and following said consumption. For example, we eat animal products and byproducts mindlessly and without bearing in mind the potential impacts on not only the animal but its prior habitat and community. Various ecological organizations and movements have attempted to uncover this infrastructural ignorance through food education. However, most individuals prefer to turn a blind eye to the impacts of their cultural food habits due to the discomfort associated with these practices. This exhibit aims to demonstrate the cultural norms surrounding our current eating patterns as well as uncover the potential ethical dilemmas associated with this unconscious consumption. 


Furman University ENG 242: Literature and the Environment (Fall 2018): Samuel J. Beasley, Julia Collins, Jessica Culbreth, Drew Davis, Madeline E. Doten, Camiell A. Foulger, Hannah Gibson, Eileen J. Joseph, Catherine Lippert, Amie E. Newsome, Olivia Oliver, Julia Piotrowski, Sydney N. Tanner, Rebecca L. Wilhelmi, John B. Williams, Andrew Wynkoop

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