Andrew Galant

A sound recording of a college student vigorously typing on her laptop, on a second floor outdoor patio of a student commons building overlooking a patio and two intersecting streets. The recording was captured with an IPhone 7 Plus+, Model: A1784, 2016.

Laurentino Castro

Sound recording of the first floor of The Georgia Tech Library as a student takes out a few things from his book bag before writing down a few notes and typing on his computer. Also, a few people talking can be heard faintly in the background. Recorded with IPhone 7 Plus microphone and amplified with Audacity software.

Christopher Matthews

Sound recording of a small plastic container of 0.7 mechanical pencil lead being rattled in hand. Air conditioning unit may be heard in the background. Recorded on an iPhone 6, using the Spire recording app.

Recording of someone writing out the word 'literacy' on paper using a pen.

Rebecca McGovern

The sound of a hand tempered goose feather quill writing on a medium weight paper with India Ink. Sound of air conditioning unit may be audible in the background. (Recorded with Finite microphone condenser 3.5mm in a monotrack)

Isabel Griffin

A metal nib is dipped in ink and applied to watercolor paper. The letters written form the name "Frederick Douglass."

Jacob Levine (mecanógrafo/grabador) | Jacob Levine (typist/recorder)

Grabación de sonido de un estudiante escribiendo un papel en una computadora portatíl de Dell. Grabado con un ZoomH4n. | Sound recording of a student typing a paper on a Dell laptop computer. Recorded with a ZoomH4n.

Mikayla Shatley

Recording of backgrounds sounds of people's talk and music at the Moral March on February 8, 2014 in North Carolina.

Allen Zhou

Sound recording of a person writing with a pen on paper. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder