Blake Bradfield

Sound recording of a business woman typing on an Apple MacBook Pro 2012 edition. Recorded on a patio in a subdivision. Recorded with an Apple Iphone 8-Plus. 

Angel Hilliard

The recording shows the normal everyday chatter and background noise that occurs at a public coffee shop. You can hear the chatter of people and sounds that the blenders make to prepare the drinks.

Anya Sczerzenie

The sound of me typing out an essay on a Dell tablet laptop keyboard. Recorded on iPhone 6s in a dorm room.

Hildana Haileyesus

Sound recording of a student opening and closing the metal zippers of two different sizes on a book bag. Recorded by a Zoom microphone.

Rev. Harden W. Stuckey (Performer), Herbert Halpert (Recorder)

Sound recording of a South Carolinian imitating a memorable field holler from his hometown. Field hollers such as this were often used to signal the end of the work day among slaves.