Vishal Hansalia

This is the soundscape around the Living Building. Here, you can hear the primary sounds of cars driving by as well as wind, but there are some secondary sounds that can be heard as well, such as the sound of people talking. This was recorded using a Google Pixel and a sound recording app.

Allen Carter

This audio captures a student at Georgia Tech scanning their Buzzcard for access and then entering the North Avenue dining hall. Captured with iPhone 7 plus.

Sully Anderson

Recording of the Soundscape of the Living Building on the corner at the Nanotech Building.   Primary sounds include wind, the nanotech building itself, cars and a golfcart. A secondary sound is some birds tittering.  An iPhone 7 and the Voice Memos app was used to record the sound

Carson Meilinger

Sound recording of a rooftop garden on a windy spring day in Atlanta with the faint sound of birds and people. Recorded on Samsung Galaxy S8

Georgia Institue of Technology

Sound recording of a Bird chirping in a tree, with the wind blowing slightly on a sunny spring day, from a rooftop of the CULC Building in the "Nature Garden" section.  Recorded with IPhone 7 microphone. 

An audio recording of the construction of an extension to the Boggs building, mimicking that of the construction of the KBISD. The construction worker was reversing a bulldozer over gravel back into place after a long days work. Recorded with a Sony ICD-PX470 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder.

Claire Simmonds

The sound recording is of a hair drier. At the end there is the sound of the hair drier turning off.

Tia Chrestensen

Turning a portable space heater onto the "high" setting and then turning it off again. Recorded with a Yeti Stereo Microphone.

Jacob Marcinczyk

This is a sound recording of a window screen during a rainstorm on the second floor of a dorm building facing an alley. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Alexia Tate

The sound of a fan on the "3" control, which is the fastest control available, then the sound of the "2" control, which is the second fastest control available, then the sound of the last control "1" which is the slowest control available. In the background there is a clicking sound that comes from the turning of the knobs to change the controls. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder.