Kyle Gartman

This is an audio recording of a typical garden hose left flowing into grass and lava rock on a warm Spring day in South Carolina.

Simone Anderson

This is the sound of a washing machine during the spin cycle. The recording device was sitting directly on the washing machine.

Bryan Warburton

Cold and flu seasons are prevalent in this sound with a mix of dry and phlegm filled coughs that can be heard. Three people can be heard in a small apartment with a high roof, one person being closer to the iPhone 6 than the other two.

Sound recording of a walk taken down Constitution Drive after a recent rainstorm. The walk was taken in damp conditions on the side of a road, during which birds can be heard as well as a car passing by. Recorded on a Zoom h4n recorder.

Selin Yalcin

Sound recording of cars passing on wet asphalt and the trickling of water during freezing rain in front of The Pinhook on W Main Street (near the intersection with N Magnum St) during mid-morning traffic on a Sunday. Recorded with Zoom H4N recorder.