Shrish Dwivedi

Sound recording of water (from rain) dripping slowly on a leaf under the archway in Bell Tower (on East Campus, Duke University). The leaf is in a puddle so it is moving around slowly as the water from the overpass slowly drips into it. The leaf is bowl shaped: it is collecting water slowly. Recorded with Zoom H4N Recorder.

Selin Yalcin

Sound recording of cars passing on wet asphalt and the trickling of water during freezing rain in front of The Pinhook on W Main Street (near the intersection with N Magnum St) during mid-morning traffic on a Sunday. Recorded with Zoom H4N recorder.

Zeke Young and Zane Gill

The recording is the sound of a man casting his line into the Eno River. The sound of the river is present, and when listening closely one can hear the casting of the line. The sound piece was recorded on a clear, windy day. The recording device was about 10 feet away from the man casting his line so some of the sounds may be slightly muffled. An iPhone 4 was used to record this sound piece.

Evan Carter

Sound of water boiling in an instant water heater. It is a metal kettle that is placed on a circular heating pad which heats the water up extremely quickly. Recorded on Samsung Galaxy S6

Kimberly Eddleman

The inside water sounded similar to someone gargling moutwash. Of the water recordings analyzed, it is one of the most loud and powerful underwater sounds. Again, as might be expected, no human factors can be distinguished.

Vivian Wang

A recording of a shower knob being turned on slowly and the subsequent water splashing against walls and on the shower floor. In the background you can hear another shower running. Gradually the closest shower is turned off and the water splashing ceases.

Judd Howard

Sound recording of intermittent water droplets falling from a tree onto a carpet of leaves.

Mika Deshmukh

A recording of a shower in the Giles 2nd Floor girls bathroom. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Jenny Luo

Sound recording of the self-sealing spout of an upright 32 oz. Gatorade Squeeze Water Bottle filled a quarter of the way with water being squeezed to release the air in the bottle. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Kimberly Eddleman

Since the rocks were quite close to the ATC top, the waterfall is the most distinguishable water feature in the recording. Music can also be heard. The water by the rocks themselves is much less distingushable.