Simone Anderson

This is the sound of water running on high blast in a bathroom sink.

AquaVantage Zurn toilet
AquaVantage Zurn toilet
Evangeline Zarpas

This is a recording of an automated toilet flushing. Since it was automated, there is no sound of a handle being pushed down. The recording was done in a public restroom in Cabell Library. The restroom was on the 2nd floor in the women's room and there were no other people or sounds in the bathroom at the time of the recording. I trimmed the recording a little in the beginning because it was silent while the motion activation was being set off. The toilet name is AquaVantage and the brand is Zurn. This sound was recorded on an iPhone 5S.

Christopher Matthews

Sound recording of water, from a pitcher, being poured into a tall glass containing three crescent-shaped ice cubes. Air conditioning unit may be heard in the background. Recorded on an iPhone 6, using the Spire recording app.

Ray Warren

The sound of drinking the last sip of liquid through a straw. I was drinking out of a regular-sized paper cup from panda express. 

Riya Chalise

Recording of the water running into a cup full of paint brushes in the sink. After the water was turned off, the paint brushes were being swirled around in a cup half full of water; you can hear the brushes against each other and on the plastic cup.

Julia Weldon

Recording of small rapid formation in Belle Isle in Richmond, VA. Recorded on a Zoom H1 recorder around mid day. The water's sound is complex because although the water is rushing, it still creates a sense of tranquility. 

Oliver Perry

The sound included is the broken faucet in my room at the Brandt dorms. You can hear that I am methodically pulling the faucet handle, and the resulting strained flow of the water itself. You can hear the stuttering and stopping of the water flowing as it struggles to work with broken pipes. This is a recording made on an iPhone 7 voice memos app. 

User juskiddink on freesound.org

Esta es una grabación de sonido de remos remando en el agua. Un barco de fibra de vidrio de cuatro metros está siendo remar en un lago de agua dulce en Finlandia. This is a sound recording of oars rowing in water. A four meter fiber-glass boat is being rowed on a freshwater lake in Finland.

Ada Zhang

The sound of water running in a small stream under a wooden bridge at Durham Central Park. Far off in the distance, the sounds of teenagers at the skate park next to Central Park are audible. Recorded using a Zoom H4n.

Morgan Hersh

Sound recording of running water from a sink in an apartment on Erwin Road. At first, the only sound is the water running, however in the background the noise of emergency vehicle sirens gradually arise and the sounds of the water become the "constant" in the background. The sounds of the sirens outside are as heard through the glass window (i.e. the windows are all closed). Recorded on a ZoomH4N device.