Sound recording at the water fountain in CULC, Georgia Tech. Recorded on Thursday night after an exam held in the auditorium. Recorded with iPhone 6 and polished by Audacity.

Almira Zaky

Sound recording of me swishing my plastic water bottle around. Recorded on an H4n Zoom Recorder.

Sarah Siaf

This was recorded in my bathroom by flipping up the handle to the standard residential faucet and allowing water to run over the drain of the porcelain sink bowl for a few seconds before shutting it off.

Jasmin Snype

Recording in a small bathroom at suburban home in Chesterfield, the sound of a flushing toilet Recorded on a iphone 7. Pressing on the metal handle in a downward motion adding depth within the sound as it deepens alerting the toilet to release the water from the toilet bowl. With a swirling circular motion the water flows from the sides, almost as if it is chasing itself around the bowl down the drain.

August Albert

I recorded my friend Zoe using her thumb and forefinger to pluck against her cheek, mouth open. The outcome sound was very similar to water droplets by a slightly turned off faucet.

Jeffrey Ruiz

Recording of Water being poured from a Brita UltraMax spout into a Blender Bottle

Sasha Seldon

In my room, I shook a half full plastic Aquafina water bottle.

Water made sounds made from a water bottle. This sound was created by slowly turning and moving a plastic water bottle in the library. The sound that is made is soothing and relaxing.

Gillian Fitzgerald

Empty Aquafina water bottle being filled to the top by a Diamond Springs water fountain. Recorded in a quiet, spacious room with an iPhone 6.

Ben Williamson

This sound is gulping water quickly from a plastic water bottle. The sound contains a steady, loud gulping sound followed by the crunching of the empty plastic water bottle as the water is drank. This was recorded on a condenser mic.