Marie Kreck

The metal drain stopper is unscrewed and then removed from a bathtub partly filled with water, allowing the water to flow into the pipes below. The bathtub itself is new from a recent renovation, but the plumbing is at least fifty years older. The tiled space allows the sound to resonate.

Victoria Priester

A small water wellspring on the bottom floor of the Student Wellness Center, a space which endeavors to promote wellness via all five senses. For the ill, the sound of water can be reminiscent of being given a bath if the patient is unable to bathe themselves. It can represent hydrotherapy, which is a broad category including saunas, steam baths and hot and cold showers used in health centers and spas. To the healthy, the sound of water can promote feelings of peace and longevity. (Wellspring of Water)

Harrison Broyles

A Furman student drinking from a water fountain in a Lakeside Lounge and the resulting cooling mechanisms produced by the fountain.

Sydney Tanner

Sound recording of a pot of boiling water on an electric kitchen stove. Listeners can hear the sound of bubbles rising and bursting as well as the energetic movement of water within the pot. The pot was half full of water and the stove was on high heat. Recorded using a Tascam DR-40. 

Knox Kiernan

Water from a faucet pouring into a sauce pan to be used for cooking. 

Anonymous Goose
Zachary Hughes (Furman University)

This clip begins with an adult Canada goose flapping its wings to make the short descent from a stone retention wall into the water of Furman Lake. A splash of parting water is heard when the goose's body meets the surface of the lake. As the first descends into the water, another goose honks. Throughout the clip, another bird warbles in the background.

Elizabeth McGrath

Sound recording of Proctor Creek, a moderately sized creek that runs adjacent to the Proctor Creek Greenway, on a hot and humid summer day by a group of kids also on the trail. Recorded with a Zoom H6 recorder and Rode NTG2 shotgun condenser microphone. 

This is a recording of a metal water bottle being uncapped and filled with water from a water fountain. Most of the water fountains at Furman include a chamber for filling water bottles. These chambers are equipped with a downward-facing spout and a digital counter that tracks the amount of water bottles that have been filled since the fountain’s installation. This digital counter is an eco-friendly measure designed to incentivize students to carry water bottles.


Miles Hauser

This is the sound of a Lew's Tournament Pro G Speed Spool Reel on a St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod being cast into a small pond in Greenville, SC. 

Kyle Gartman

This is an audio recording of a typical garden hose left flowing into grass and lava rock on a warm Spring day in South Carolina.