Edwidge Danticat

In this recording, acclaimed author Edwidge Danticat shares what she describes as "crisis sounds" specific to Haitian culture and Haitian Kreyól. Danticat's novels were key readings in a course on public health and Haiti taught at Duke University in the fall of 2015. Danticat was interviewed by students via Skype during the semester and later contributed this original recording to the Sonic Dictionary to demonstrate some of the unique sounds and expressions associated with her novelistic renderings of Haiti. View the class' exhibit "Sonic Signatures of Trauma in Haiti" here.

Jerishma Patel, Ashley Ericson

Ashley Ericson explains how using different speech volumes can help create emotion in acting. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Jerishma Patel, Ashely Ericson

Ashley Ericson describes the technique she uses to act out the "lower" emotions, including frustration.

Jerishma Patel, Ashely Ericson, Peyton Dilweg

Sound recording of Ashley Ericson, an acting student, and her scene partner Peyton Dilweg performing a scene from the play Hedda Gabler. This scene involves a performance of frustration. Recorded on an zoom H4N.

Collin Leonard

This recording captured the unique recorded message and musical jingles of the Denver International Airport Train. This train travels underground to take passengers to different terminals. In the tunnel, small fans are mounted on the walls that spin and generate energy. The recorded messages on the train are often the voices of city leaders of Denver, from the mayor to the coach of the Avalanche.

Katherine Livingston

Sound recording of human voice using Siri assistant feature on iPhone. In this instance, the user asks Siri what the weather is like. She finds a forecast through Thursday for Durham, NC. The recording took place using a Zoom Recorder placed between the human voice and the iPhone. Siri quickly responds to the users question in an electronic monotone.