Jeff Benatar, Eastman School of Music

This is the sound of turning on and off a FM radio station that is not tuned in to a legitimate station on a multi-faceted Sony playback system. By using a remote, one can hear the static or lack of clarity in hearing a FM radio station when incorrectly tuned. The sound heard is the static when no station, specifically, is tuned in or set.

Elizabeth Mitchell, UNCSA guitaristSam White, UNCSA guitarist

Sound recording of two UNCSA guitarists tuning before rehearsal. Recorded on an iPhone 4.

Jose Olea Vico (recorder), Hana Kim (violinist)

Sound recording of Hana Kim tuning her violin.

Peter Smith (music producer)

Sound recording of the UNCSA Symphony Orchestra tuning before a performance in the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem, NC. Recorded on an iPhone 6.