Anna Lackey

This is the sound of an elevator button being pushed, the elevator arriving, and a mechanized female voice saying "going up". 

This sound recording was made on the 16th floor of the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Vivek Garimella

Recording of a student coding in MATLAB. The laptop used was a Dell XPS 13 9350 Touch. This recording was also done in close proximity of a machine lab, with audible hammering noises in the background. Recorded using a Google Pixel XL and the Sony Audio Recorder App. 

Kathryn von Grey

Sound recording of a student typing on their MacBook Pro laptop in an empty classroom. The classroom has audible air conditioning running, and the sound of the student's sweater can be heard rubbing against the computer as they type. Recorded using a Blue Microphones Bluebird SL Large-Diaphragm condenser microphone and an Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX 4-Channel Mixer.

Lexi Wagner

Sound recording of someone typing their response to an essay prompt. This recording was done in a room with audible air conditioning. The laptop being used is a Lenovo Ideapad U530 Touch. Recorded by an IPhone 6s with headphones plugged in.

Anya Sczerzenie

The sound of me typing out an essay on a Dell tablet laptop keyboard. Recorded on iPhone 6s in a dorm room.

Julia Weldon

Tying on an HP laptop in a busy library late at night. The sound of the keys being hit have layers. There's the tapping that you automatically here but then there is the lower sound of the keys hitting the bottom of the keyboard. By listening closely these layers are evident. Recorded on a Zoom H1 recorder around 7pm on the social floor of the James Branch Cabell Library at VCU in Richmond, VA.

Caroline Sonett

Sound recording of a broken speaker system emitting a whistling sound when it is turned on, without music playing. Recorded on an Zoom H4N.

The sound a MacBook pro creates as it is switched from the off to on position. Sound is usually affiliated with all Apple computers switching from off to on.