Sarah Siaf

Sharp tapping sounds produced by applying contact with the acrylic nails on my left hand on a linoleum coffee table top in my apartment living room. The acrylics were about two weeks old. The pattern starts off generally steady, with each of my acrylic nails tapping consecutively, starting with my pinky. The tapping gets less ordered and more sporadic towards the second half of the audio, until the pattern is completely broken.
Many people find the sound of nails tapping across different surfaces to trigger pleasant, "tingly" sensations in the spine and scalp. This feeling is referred to as ASMR; autonomous sensory meridian response, and it can be triggered by endless sounds, visuals, and settings.

Sarah Yankson

Fingers typing at fast pace replying back to text on an Android smartphone. This is recorded on an Zoom H1N.

Jazmynn Vaughn

I turned my iPhone off then on, and logged in by typing in my pass code twice. Recorded on a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder