Victoria Wang
Sujata Kishnani

A conversation is heard between a health-care provider (Woman 1) and a visitor (Woman 2) in an elevator going from the main floor to the fourth floor. The mechanical sounds of the elevator can be heard in the background before the conversation begins. Without active conversation or other noise, this is a commonly-heard sound. In the crowded elevator, the two women discuss a mutually-known patient; the visitor recognizes the health-care provider and initiates a conversation. They discuss their shared recognition of the patient, but Woman 2 does not say the patient’s name due to adherence to the HIPAA “Privacy Rule.” Woman 1 agrees immediately, responding with, “right.” This illustrates a common interaction between visitors of patients and health-care providers.

Gilberto Barcellos

The following sound was recorded inside a supposedly "quiet room" in Georgia Tech campus at 20:45. The sounds of talking and keyboards being used are really easily heard, which makes one question the effectiveness of this "quiet room". It was recorded with an iPhone 6.

Ian Cox

Sound recording from a nearby table of various background sounds at the Starbucks within the Barnes and Noble bookstore at Georgia Tech. Recorded with the built-in microphone off of an iPhone 7. Sounds such as a cash register, music, and indistinguishable chatter can be heard.

Jordan Pope

Sound recording of birds chirping in the Paul G. Mayer Memorial Garden, across from the Price Gilbert Memorial Library (under renovation) and D.M. Smith building. It is a Friday around noon and class is letting out and it is sunny with a light breeze.

Student Center Picture.JPG
Heidi Davari

This sound was recorded during a busy lunch break for students in the Georgia Tech food court located on the second floor of the Student Center. It was a weekday during the spring semester so the space was very crowded. The major sound of the recording is various groups of students talking. Chairs being moved across the floor and trays being set on the table can also be heard. This was recorded using an iPhone 6.

Ellie Pasquale

Sound recording of a passing adult male saying goodbye to someone on the phone and exiting the Brightleaf Square shopping center. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

LeRoy Van Dyke

This is an excerpt from the Heavy Machinery Champion Auctioneer.

Jordan Richardson

This recording was taken in the left wing of Marketplace Dining Hall on Duke University East Campus at 7:45 on a Tuesday in October of 2015. In the recording you will hear the clinking of dishes, people talking, and music in the background.

Maria Roussos, Gabriel Lee, Jonah Shifrin, Jonathan Carroll

Two men interact while playing video games. Their conversations are prominent, while game noises are faint. There is also background singing from another friend. Recorded on iPhone 5s.

Maria Roussos

A night out at a dance club. A DJ's voice can be heard about half way through and some friends having a conversation can be heard towards the end. Recorded on iPhone 5s.