The audio captures a sound of an electric woodcutter cutting a piece of wood in the Invention Studio Makerspace of Georgia Institute of Technology. The Invention Studio is a student-run space opened to all Georgia Tech students that invites innovation and design. The primary sound that is captured is the sound of the wood cutter as it is turned on and gradually powered off.  The secondary sound is the sound of the contact between the woodcutter and a piece of wood as the wood is cut on a counter. The sound is recorded by an Iphone 7s with plugged in apple headphones.

Samantha Rodriguez

Sound recording from the front doors of West Village, a space utilized for dining and studying at Georgia Institute of Technology, as students walked in and out of the building on a Monday afternoon. Recorded with an iPhone 7.

Sanghyub Lee

Sound recording of a lecture taking place in Design Bloc located in the second floor of Georgia Tech Library. The recording presents a professor giving a lecture to his students. Despite professor’s efforts to block the noises from the study space using whiteboards, the recording shows that his lecture takes place in a space filled with disruptive noises. The following sound was recorded with Sony ECM DS70P Microphone connected to Galaxy S8 and edited with Audacity program.

Kathryn von Grey

Sound recording of a student typing on their MacBook Pro laptop in an empty classroom. The classroom has audible air conditioning running, and the sound of the student's sweater can be heard rubbing against the computer as they type. Recorded using a Blue Microphones Bluebird SL Large-Diaphragm condenser microphone and an Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX 4-Channel Mixer.

Katie Pistininzi

This is a recording of some Virginia Commonwealth University students coming into a large Biology 151 class two classes after a test had been taken. I am already seated in class. You can hear a girl talk to her friend about how she missed questions on the test. You may also hear the sound of a desk squeaking as a student pulls it out from the side, and over their laps getting prepared for class to begin. Recorded on a Zoom H1 handy recorder.

Samir Husain, Oberlin College

Sound recording of a hallway in a building with classrooms at Oberlin College. Recorded by a Samsung Galaxy S5