Michael Grossman

A brief recording taken from my iPhone 6s as I walked out of Harris Hall towards park Ave.

Katie Pistininzi

This is a recording of some Virginia Commonwealth University students coming into a large Biology 151 class two classes after a test had been taken. I am already seated in class. You can hear a girl talk to her friend about how she missed questions on the test. You may also hear the sound of a desk squeaking as a student pulls it out from the side, and over their laps getting prepared for class to begin. Recorded on a Zoom H1 handy recorder.

Associated Press

Thousands of anti-government demonstrators filled Haiti's capital to call for the resignation of the island's president and prime minister. Police fired tear gas to try to break up this demonstration.

Collin Leonard

This recording captured the unique recorded message and musical jingles of the Denver International Airport Train. This train travels underground to take passengers to different terminals. In the tunnel, small fans are mounted on the walls that spin and generate energy. The recorded messages on the train are often the voices of city leaders of Denver, from the mayor to the coach of the Avalanche.

Anastasia Budko

A thirty second recording of piano playing on a Monday afternoon in the Brown Residence common room on East Campus, at Duke University. A track with a main focus on a casual amateur piano improvisation, running parallel to the general noise of a busy, shared, closed college environment. Recorded on an iPhone 5s, which was placed on the right side of the piano player throughout the duration of the recording.

Hunter Prange

The sound of walking down Columbus Avenue in Boston 3:00 PM while cars honk with other noises in the background. This area of Columbus Avenue was near the intersection with Clarendon Avenue.

Brett Lardaro

The sound of a small car driving by on W. Markham Avenue bordering Duke University around 2:00pm. I stood still and held my recorder, an iPhone 6, at my waist while standing on the sidewalk next to the street as the car drove past me.

Kimberly Eddleman

The inside water sounded similar to someone gargling moutwash. Of the water recordings analyzed, it is one of the most loud and powerful underwater sounds. Again, as might be expected, no human factors can be distinguished.

Chris Camp, Ciompi Quartet

Sound recording of the finale to Duke University’s Ciompi Quartet playing of Schubert’s Quartet in A minor in the Blackwell common room. Recorded on Samsung Galaxy S6

Erik Zimmer

Sound recording of a Georgia-Pacific Cormatic automatic paper towel dispenser (the standard model in bathrooms throughout the East Campus dormitories of Duke University). Recorded in a bathroom of Southgate Residence Hall on a Samsung Galaxy S5.