Sounds of the South

Alan Lomax, Inmates of the Mississippi Penitentiary System

A song sung by African-American inmates on chaingang as they cut wood.

Johnny Wei

Sound recording of a small stream flowing over a ledge in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Jase Robertson, Parade Magazine

Excerpt of a video recording of a wood duck call made by Jase Robertson using Duck Commander duck calls. Recorded and uploaded to YouTube by Parade Magazine.

The Marshall Tucker Band feat. Charlie Daniels

Instrumental segment of "Long Hard Ride" by the Marshall Tucker Band featuring Charlie Daniels on the fiddle. This recording is from the remastered CD "Anthology: The First 30 Years," though the song was originally released in June 1976 on the album "Long Hard Ride."

Tian Chen

Sound recording of small pebbles being dropped in a pond in the Duke Gardens. In the background, there are ducks quacking.

Rev. Harden W. Stuckey (Performer), Herbert Halpert (Recorder)

Sound recording of a South Carolinian imitating a memorable field holler from his hometown. Field hollers such as this were often used to signal the end of the work day among slaves.

Colby Johnson

Sound recording of an industrial train approaching the Duke University campus.

Omar Shariff, Jack Canson

Omar Sharriff plays a Homecoming Concert in Marshall, Texas, the Birthplace of Boogie Woogie, where he grew up as David Alexander Elam. It was Omar's first time to return to Marshall after an absence of 55 years.

Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers. Charlie Poole, banjo; Posey Rorer, fiddle; Norman Woodlieff, guitar

A clip from Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Rambler's Sweet Sunny South (1929) exemplifying the unique blend of banjo, guitar, and fiddle in an old time string band.

Dellie Chandler Norton (soloist); Alan Lomax (film producer)

Sound recording of ballad singer, Dellie Chandler Norton singing "Early, Early in the Spring."