sound and the city

Seung Hyun Lee

Sound recording of a person getting off the Bull City Connector, a local bus in Durham, NC. As the bus comes to a stop, the door rattles and makes a ticking sound. The door clicks open, and the bus lets air out to lower itself for the person getting off. There is an announcement for the safety of the passengers, from both the inside and the outside of the bus. Air whooshes out as the break is released, and the bus leaves with a loud engine noise, getting quieter as the bus moves farther away. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Seung Hyun Lee

Soundscape on the Bull City Connector, a local bus in Durham, North Carolina. People are having conversations, and the bus is rattling as it comes to a stop for the intersection. The bell rings as someone requests for a stop. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.


Sound recording of squirrels moving around in a bush in Thompson's Ridge neighborhood community. Recorded on an Zoom h4n Recorder.

Sound recording of a walk taken down Constitution Drive after a recent rainstorm. The walk was taken in damp conditions on the side of a road, during which birds can be heard as well as a car passing by. Recorded on a Zoom h4n recorder.

Mary Zhang

Sound recording of the process of opening of a paper teabag over a mug and placing the teabag into the mug. Recorded with Zoom H4N recorder.

Morgan Hersh

Sound recording of running water from a sink in an apartment on Erwin Road. At first, the only sound is the water running, however in the background the noise of emergency vehicle sirens gradually arise and the sounds of the water become the "constant" in the background. The sounds of the sirens outside are as heard through the glass window (i.e. the windows are all closed). Recorded on a ZoomH4N device.

Shrish Dwivedi

Sound recording of water (from rain) dripping slowly on a leaf under the archway in Bell Tower (on East Campus, Duke University). The leaf is in a puddle so it is moving around slowly as the water from the overpass slowly drips into it. The leaf is bowl shaped: it is collecting water slowly. Recorded with Zoom H4N Recorder.

Seung Hyun Lee

Sound recording of a person getting a snack out from a vending machine on the first floor of Durham Station. The person pressed on the buttons to select the snack, and the vending machine delivered the snack to the retrieving bin, finally dropping the snack to the bin. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.