Nino Kodua

This is a sound recording of a borscht soup (a beet soup frequently consumed in the Slavic countries) being cooked with the lid off. The stove was on the high heat. You can hear the sound of the metal pan and stove in the background. It was recorded with a Zoom H4N recorder.

Sasha Seldon

The video of Dorothy Donegan playing the piano reminded me of my keyboard at home. In my room on my Yamaha keyboard I played every key from left to right.

Tyhe Henry; Virginia Commonwealth University Percussionist

The sound represented is a mellow jazz groove performed on a Zildjian L80 low volume cymbal inside of my dorm. This recording was done on an IPhone 6S and edited on Audacity.

Jonathan Rodriguez; Maya Iskandarani

Sound recording of a Duke student playing an old Steinway piano with wooden keys in a residence hall common room. It is not an uncommon sound to hear as students walk in and out, heading to classes or settling down for the evening. Sometimes students will gather around to hear others play. The chosen piece requires quick and accurate finger movements. Recorded on a Zoom H4n Recorder. | Grabación del sonido de una estudiante de Duke University tocando un piano Steinway que es de llaves de madera en una sala de residencia. No es un sonido raro como los estudiantes entran y salen, dirigiéndose a las clases o estableciéndose para la noche. A veces los estudiantes se reúnen alrededor para escuchar a otros tocar. La pieza elegida requiere movimientos rápidos y precisos de los dedos. Grabado en un grabador Zoom H4n.

Elaine Cox

Following the spoken "fire!" command, four successive canon shots can be heard. All four are loud, reverberating bangs, with quick, silent breaks in-between. Recorded from real canons in historic Williamsburg on an IPhone 5.

Erik Zimmer

Sound recording of a Georgia-Pacific Cormatic automatic paper towel dispenser (the standard model in bathrooms throughout the East Campus dormitories of Duke University). Recorded in a bathroom of Southgate Residence Hall on a Samsung Galaxy S5.