Ben Williamson

This is the sound of an Ollie being performed on a skateboard. An Ollie is when the skateboard in maneuvered to pop up with the skater as he jumps into the air. In this recording you can hear the skateboarder rolling and then the popping and landing of the trick. This sound was recorded on a condenser mic.

Tia Holman

Virginia Beach skateboarder on a ramp at a local surf shop. The metal clink heard in the recording is the skateboard hitting the coping of the ramp and the more fluid sound that is audible is the the skateboarder dropping in on the ramp. Recorded on an iPhone 6s.

Jacob Marcinczyk

This is a sound recording of a skateboarder doing a powerslide (moving the board so that the wheels are facing the direction perpendicular to that which they normally face and sliding) on an abandoned tennis court. The skateboarder depicted does one big powerslide then two smaller ones to stop. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Ada Zhang

The sound of water running in a small stream under a wooden bridge at Durham Central Park. Far off in the distance, the sounds of teenagers at the skate park next to Central Park are audible. Recorded using a Zoom H4n.

Ada Zhang

On a bright and cold Sunday morning, a few families bring their children to the playground at Durham Central Park. Off in the distance are also teenagers enjoying their weekend at the skate park up the hill from the playground. Birds chirp happily in the background. Occasionally, the faint sounds of cars rumbling by are audible. Recorded using a Zoom H4n.