Jessica Culbreth

Sound of initial rinsing, scrubbing, and rinsing off of a pan in a kitchen sink. 

Sarah Siaf

This was recorded in my bathroom by flipping up the handle to the standard residential faucet and allowing water to run over the drain of the porcelain sink bowl for a few seconds before shutting it off.

Lucette Sylvain

Sound recording of dishes being washed in the sink and put away while the faucet runs.

Reema Idris

In this sound, it is the sound of water running, which was recorded on an iPhone on the second floor of James Cabell Library. This sound of water running can refer to many different ways of use, but in my specific example, it refers to as a foset with running water for people to clean their hands after using the restroom. While for others, that could be the sound of running water that is being filled in the baskets that they use as they are working in the fields.

Evangeline Zarpas

This is a recording of my friend washing her hands. It was done in the 2nd floor women's public restroom in Cabell Library. She pushes the soap dispenser, rubs the soap in, puts her hands under the automatic sink, then runs her hands under the water. Since the sink was automatic, there is no sound of a handle being turned on and off. There were no other people in the restroom at the time. The brand of sink is Zurn. The recording was done on an iPhone 5S.

Simone Anderson

This is the sound of water running on high blast in a bathroom sink.

Sam Watson

This is the sound of a shirt being repeatedly dunked in water and wrung out. The shirt is also being scrubbed against itself as if it were being washed. Recorded on a zoom H1. 

Riya Chalise

Recording of the water running into a cup full of paint brushes in the sink. After the water was turned off, the paint brushes were being swirled around in a cup half full of water; you can hear the brushes against each other and on the plastic cup.

Morgan Hersh

Sound recording of running water from a sink in an apartment on Erwin Road. At first, the only sound is the water running, however in the background the noise of emergency vehicle sirens gradually arise and the sounds of the water become the "constant" in the background. The sounds of the sirens outside are as heard through the glass window (i.e. the windows are all closed). Recorded on a ZoomH4N device.