pushing buttons

Tyah Hunter; Extended Stay America Microwave

A sound recording of me pushing buttons on a hotel microwave to set the clock to 3 seconds. The microwave went for the total time and then I pressed the clear button. Recorded on an iPhone 7.

Noah Huntington

Sound Recording of an Xbox One game console being powered of then on. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Chase Ellison - Eastman School of Music

With the increasing rarity and rate at which a VCR and a VHS is needed for study, one must have the right tools for the job. In such a case, multiple VCR and VHS media can be found and experienced in the Sibley Music Library at the Eastman School of Music. TV number 4 in Sibley's listening room provides a short burst of static noise accompanied with a brief display of what is commonly referred to as "snow" (random pixel pattern). In the recording excerpt, the sounds heard are those of the power button being depressed, the sound of static (which sounds kind of like a short and rapid snare drum roll), and silence. I repeatedly turn the television on and off in order to capture the resultant static that serves as the transition sound between silences.