Riya Chalise

The sound recording of walking down the streets of VCU on a rainy night, in the city of Richmond. One can hear the clicking of the high heels against the wet concrete ground. The scene also involves a car turning into a large puddle, and the water splashes everywhere. 

Michael McAloon

Sound Recording of cars driving through a large puddle after a day filled with severe thunderstorms. The cars can be heard approaching from the left side. When they reach the beginning of the puddle, there is an audible slosh. Both continue to drive through the puddle until they reach its deepest point, where water covers half the tire. At this point, each car makes a splash, and then continues to drive off to the right side. Recorded using a Zoom H4N audio recorder.

Sound recording of a walk taken down Constitution Drive after a recent rainstorm. The walk was taken in damp conditions on the side of a road, during which birds can be heard as well as a car passing by. Recorded on a Zoom h4n recorder.