Rennsteig Tools Inc

This sound captures the smashing of two windows using a tool. The video from which this sound was originally adapted is a demonstration of breaking a car window using an Automatic Center Punch tool. This video was recorded as a demonstration of the tool’s function for the manufacturing company’s promotional purposes. Extracted via YouTube clip.

Associated Press

Thousands of anti-government demonstrators filled Haiti's capital to call for the resignation of the island's president and prime minister. Police fired tear gas to try to break up this demonstration.

Oberlin Students Against Apathy

Sound recording of students shouting against Jeffrey Sachs

Herbert Blau

An excerpt from a piece composed in 1975 at Oberlin College for a Anti-Vietnam War media event produced and directed by Herbert Blau

Jonathan Aisenberg, Elisa Zhang

Interviewee expresses concern about public education in North Carolina.