Akanksha Jhunjhunwala

Recording of footsteps at West Village, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, with the chattering of students in the background. Recorded on an iPhone 7.

Katie Pistininzi

This is a VULCAN 60W X 33D X 36H flat top grill at O'Charley's restaurant. Cooking on the grill is two small chicken cutlets. You can hear the sound of the metal spatula hitting the grill as the cook checks the chicken. You can hear the sizzle change as the cook flips the chicken cutlet. You may also hear some of the cooks and waiters talking in the background. Recorded on a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder.

Zaria L Thornton

Recorded in Virginia Commonwealth University Student Commons. Sitting at a table on the upper level of the food court. Approximately twenty feet away from the chic fil a counter. Many people are present in the commons on this day.

H&R Block Office Setting

Working in busy, stressful, working environment may seem like the most boring thing to listen to right? Well, capturing a typical day in the office was really interesting and fascinating to experience while different sounds were being made. You can hear the fast typing of the keyboard, the different conversations in the background, and picture what may be happening in that moment. So many different outside noises came together as one to give a visual picture of what that office sounds like. The busy office environment captured so many different sounds that you can stop and listen to one thing at a time.

Samir Husain, Oberlin College

Sound recording of a hallway in a building with classrooms at Oberlin College. Recorded by a Samsung Galaxy S5