Melina Mercedes Maldonado

Sound recording of the patio at west village that I would believe to be similar to the patio on the second floor of the living building. You should be able to hear the nature around the patio most prominently the birds chirping. Recorded on an iphone 8 plus in voice memos. 

Nathan Backman

While sitting on a park bench, I saw a bunch of fallen sticks on the ground. I picked one up and starting to break them, only to realize they made a very satisfying cracking sound when played back.

Mary Zhang

Sound recording of walking across a metal bridge of children's playground set. The bridge consists of separate panels connected together to form a loose bridge that swings and creaks as one walks across. Recorded with Zoom H4N.

Mary Zhang

Sound recording of the various birds in Trinity Park in Durham. The recording was made at 9:30 in the morning on a sunny day in February. Trinity Park is a small suburb park covered with trees offering home to a multitude of birds. Recorded with Zoom H4N.