Julia Weldon

Recording of small rapid formation in Belle Isle in Richmond, VA. Recorded on a Zoom H1 recorder around mid day. The water's sound is complex because although the water is rushing, it still creates a sense of tranquility. 


Sound recording of squirrels moving around in a bush in Thompson's Ridge neighborhood community. Recorded on an Zoom h4n Recorder.

Sound recording of a walk taken down Constitution Drive after a recent rainstorm. The walk was taken in damp conditions on the side of a road, during which birds can be heard as well as a car passing by. Recorded on a Zoom h4n recorder.

YouTube Audio Library

An audio recording of a shovel digging dirt and dumping it into a pile.

Zeke Young and Zane Gill

The recording is the sound of a man casting his line into the Eno River. The sound of the river is present, and when listening closely one can hear the casting of the line. The sound piece was recorded on a clear, windy day. The recording device was about 10 feet away from the man casting his line so some of the sounds may be slightly muffled. An iPhone 4 was used to record this sound piece.

Brett Lardaro

The sound of a small car driving by on W. Markham Avenue bordering Duke University around 2:00pm. I stood still and held my recorder, an iPhone 6, at my waist while standing on the sidewalk next to the street as the car drove past me.

YouTube contributor, Jordan Braun

Sound recording of a fish being caught during a deep sea fishing excursion.