Jasmine Pringle (recorder), Namratha Atluri (patient)

This is a sound recording of simulated incident in which a patient reads a note left to them by their doctor. In this note a lot of medical jargon is used, and it presents a clear divide between the patient and the doctor. This divide can result in a communication barrier as the patient does not feel comfortable around their doctor. The language that the doctor uses is not clear for the patient and it does not allow them to understand a diagnosis that is important for their own care. This sound shows that it is important for a doctor to be aware of the language they are using when communicating with patients as it can make a difference to how a patient understands their own health, and how a patient interacts with the healthcare system.

Klaus Classroom
Jarod Thornton; Chris Jankowski

Sound recording with a primary sound of my professor Jankowski lecturing calculus 2. Also included are secondary sounds of creaking desks when students move, and the soft conversation of people sitting next to me.  Recorded on an Iphone 6s.


Audio of the flipping pages of the "5lb. Book of Great Practice Problems". Recorded on the third floor of the Cabell Library at Virginia Commonwealth University. Recording taken on a Zoom H1.