Chris Camp, Ciompi Quartet

Sound recording of the finale to Duke University’s Ciompi Quartet playing of Schubert’s Quartet in A minor in the Blackwell common room. Recorded on Samsung Galaxy S6

Mechanical pencils, a table, and the air conditioner.

Two mechanical pencils were used as percussion instruments with AC conditioning as background noise. I created a few simple rhythms on an adjacent table. Recorded with Lenovo Thinkpad E550 laptop.

Professor Toon (Performer)

Sound recording of the audience at a rap concert responding in rhythm to a song; the performer purposefully omits a word, which the audience repeats to "fill in." Omitting a word, prompting the audience to fill in the empty space with that word, is a common technique used by musicians of many genres performing live to provide audience engagement. Recorded on a Zoom Microphone.

Katherine Livingston, Siri

Sound recording of discussion between human and Siri voice. The human voice asks Siri if she likes music, and later instructs her to play Beyoncé. In this instance, Siri acts as an electronic assistant that aids the iPhone user to play music. The Zoom Recorder is used to create the clip.

Oberlin Organ Department

This excerpt was recorded on Halloween at midnight during a Halloween organ music concert in a large chapel. An organ creates its sound through transporting large amounts of air through large cylindrical metal tubes that can be over thirty feet tall. The history of the pipe organ has been traced as far back as third century BC. The instrument became a significant part of church music. During prayers, often the churchgoers would sing while being accompanied by the organ. Although the space in which the Organ Pump was recorded was a chapel, the purpose of the organ has transformed itself. In this setting a group of over one hundred college kids are lying down on the together laughing, listening, and loving the vibrations created by the spooky organ music on Halloween night. Although this was not a religious event, the music performed by the organist still acted as a medium in which the listeners could connect to each other and feel the same vibrations from the organ pipes at the same time. It is interesting how the same space and sounds can create a completely different experience for the audience depending on the attitude and positioning of the audience.

Robert Shannon, Haewon Song, George Gershwin

A recording of a piano duo during a faculty chamber music concert in a large concert hall.

Maria Roussos

A night out at a dance club. A DJ's voice can be heard about half way through and some friends having a conversation can be heard towards the end. Recorded on iPhone 5s.

Herbert Blau

An excerpt from a piece composed in 1975 at Oberlin College for a Anti-Vietnam War media event produced and directed by Herbert Blau

The Jared Hochberg Ensemble

A jazz quartet playing at the weekly Jazz Forum at Oberlin. Jazz Forum is a weekly even in which the jazz studies students perform for an open audience, and receive critiques.

Ji-Eun Choi, Stephanie Chen

Sound recording of Stephanie Chen playing Scheherazade by Rimsky Korsakov on an oboe Recorded on an iPhone 4