Sarah Siaf

This is the sound of me brushing my teeth using a generic white and purple toothbrush from Kroger and Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste. The audio features me brushing the front and back of my teeth.

August Albert

I recorded my friend Zoe using her thumb and forefinger to pluck against her cheek, mouth open. The outcome sound was very similar to water droplets by a slightly turned off faucet.

August Albert
Zoe Web

My friends used their forefingers and lips to recreate a similar sound to what babies make.

August Albert
Diana Sudak

Warbling is to create shrill, quavering sounds with the mouth. My close friend Diana likes to use this sound as her mating call at parties, so I asked her to imitate the sound while recording.

Jee Yoon, Mitchell Kim

A Duke University student slurping down a Hello Kitty Jelly handed out by the Audiovisuality course professor, standing outside the Smith Warehouse.