Blake Bradfield

Sound recording of a business woman typing on an Apple MacBook Pro 2012 edition. Recorded on a patio in a subdivision. Recorded with an Apple Iphone 8-Plus. 

Iyanla XO

Sound recording of fireworks, a rollercoaster, and people screaming on the rollercoaster at one of the Busch Gardens 4th of July Celebration days in Williamsburg, Virginia. Recorded on Samsung J3.

Angel Hilliard

The creaking noise made by the pushing of the automatic handicap button for the women's restroom. Recorded on an Iphone 6 on a normal afternoon in a campus library.

Katherine Nash

Female hands and nails scratching against relatively taught, flame resistant fabric. The scratching against the fabric, which is a dorm room mattress, increases in intensity throughout the 12 second audio clip. As the scratching against the fabric gets more intense the noise starts to sound wavey and creates an alien like sound. Recorded on a Zoom H1 recorder.

Angel Hilliard

The recording shows the normal everyday chatter and background noise that occurs at a public coffee shop. You can hear the chatter of people and sounds that the blenders make to prepare the drinks.

Natalie Nohra

Have you ever been woken up by those ridiculously loud church bells at 9 in the morning on a Sunday? The one day you get to sleep in before heading back to work the next day! Bummer. Here is a clip of bells from a church in Fredericksburg. Not sure of the name of the church. I was sleeping and woke up to this and knew I had to get my recorder.

Natalie Nohra

Ever seen a Rottweiler on the street and backed away? I get it, they're not the most friendly- looking breed. This Rottweiler's name is Riley. She's 2 year old and absolutely loves to chase after squirrels. Here is a clip of her barking after seeing a squirrel outside.

This sound is a pet peeve of mine, I hate this sound and when people do it in a public and relatively quiet place, like the movies or a library.

Adam Haddou

Door opening slowly and creaking. As a child this sound always used to freak me out and even now as an adult using a door multiple times a day, if the time and place are correct, it will still creep me out.

Reema Idris

In this sound, it is the sound of clapping hands. When clapping hands, it brings a sense of accomplishment or happiness towards someone who has earned it. When someone accomplishes their achievements, for example, an African American musicians, once they are finished with their performance, clapping at the end of each performance was a type of accomplishment they gave themselves and a type of joy knowing that the audience enjoys their art just as they do.