literature and the environment

Camiell Foulger

A sound created through the use of a whisk brushing against the inside of a metal pot repeatedly in a circular motion. 

This is a recording of a metal water bottle being uncapped and filled with water from a water fountain. Most of the water fountains at Furman include a chamber for filling water bottles. These chambers are equipped with a downward-facing spout and a digital counter that tracks the amount of water bottles that have been filled since the fountain’s installation. This digital counter is an eco-friendly measure designed to incentivize students to carry water bottles.


Hannah Shafer

This is an audio recording of a Furman student walking through the tall grasses outside of North Village Housing on campus. It was recorded with an iPhone X.

Sound recording of a Pileated Woodpecker (Hylatomus pileatus) calling and drumming on a dead tree in the forest behind Furman University's Chapel. Rushing traffic on Poinsett Highway can be heard in the background. Smaller bird species can be heard vocalizing at times, but their presence is dwarfed by that of the woodpecker. 

Marie Smith

This is a recording of individual soil samples being sifted and grinded after having been dried in a Burlese funnel system. This sound was recorded in the Plyler Hall Ecology Laboratory at Furman University while conducting a biological study on the effects of soil quality on the biodiversity of microinvertebrates. The intention behind sifting and grinding soil is to reach a consistency at which a carbon and nitrogen composition analysis can be performed.

Bailey Pierson

This sound recording is of branches snapping as they are being bent and broken by a person's hands.  The branches were small, dry, and brittle as they had already fallen from the nearby trees on the side of Furman University's library. Recorded on Han4 Pro Zoom. 


Caroline Scudder

This audio file was recorded above the lake grate on Furman University’s campus in Greenville, SC.  I was walking around the lake when I discovered this new sound-- something akin to a rushing waterfall. As I walked closer to the grate drain with a sign in front of it that said, “STAY OFF GRATE,” I peered down into a twenty foot drop-off where water was rushing from the lake to a new location. 

Berkley Sjolund

This is a recording of crickets chirping along with sounds of resting lake water near the Furman University Bell Tower at night. The lake water sounds similar to wind and can be heard throughout the clip. Faint voices and laughter are heard as students were taking night walks around the notorious Furman University lake. Recorded with a Zoom.

Tyler Marshall Carlson

A recording of a 5oz steak being sauteed in a buttered, heated pan set to 150°F. Recorded 4/8/2018 in Furman University’s Eco-Cabins by a Zoom H4N portable audio recorder.

Taylor Petty

Sound recording of an ankle getting taped in the athletic training room at Furman University. Recorded on the Zoom H4N Recorder.