Philip Cary

This is a recording of a lecture of a Physics 2211 class in the Howey Physics Building at Georgia Tech. The professor and other ambient sounds in the lecture hall can be heard. This was recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and edited with Audacity.

Sanghyub Lee

Sound recording of a lecture taking place in Design Bloc located in the second floor of Georgia Tech Library. The recording presents a professor giving a lecture to his students. Despite professor’s efforts to block the noises from the study space using whiteboards, the recording shows that his lecture takes place in a space filled with disruptive noises. The following sound was recorded with Sony ECM DS70P Microphone connected to Galaxy S8 and edited with Audacity program.

Klaus Classroom
Jarod Thornton; Chris Jankowski

Sound recording with a primary sound of my professor Jankowski lecturing calculus 2. Also included are secondary sounds of creaking desks when students move, and the soft conversation of people sitting next to me.  Recorded on an Iphone 6s.

Hannah Castels

Sound recording of a 9:55 a.m. class dismissal, in Georgia Tech's CULC, positioned on the third-floor balcony that is above the lecture rooms and close to the ground 1 entrance. Recorded on iPhone 7.