Lawnmower Maintenance Worker

Recorded with a Zoom H6 and a Rode NTG2 shotgun condenser microphone, the sound is that of a running lawnmower on the Proctor Creek Greenway alongside the faint conversation of other students present. The lawnmower adds to the welcoming culture of the PCG by ensuring visitors that the trail is always well maintained for the comfort and visual pleasure of those walking through.

Amelia Keller

Sound recording of my father pushing a lawnmower across the front grass lawn of our house on a warm spring day. The sound of the engine of the lawnmower is the overpowering noise, but the subdued sounds include the occasional crunch of grass, leaves, and/or sticks as the blades grind them into small pieces. At around 23 seconds in, the sound of the lawnmower being turned around on the concrete to be pushed the other way can be heard. Recorded on an iPhone 7 Plus. 

Michael Grossman

A brief recording taken from my iPhone 6s as I walked out of Harris Hall towards park Ave.