Anonymous Goose
Zachary Hughes (Furman University)

This clip begins with an adult Canada goose flapping its wings to make the short descent from a stone retention wall into the water of Furman Lake. A splash of parting water is heard when the goose's body meets the surface of the lake. As the first descends into the water, another goose honks. Throughout the clip, another bird warbles in the background.

Caroline Scudder

This audio file was recorded above the lake grate on Furman University’s campus in Greenville, SC.  I was walking around the lake when I discovered this new sound-- something akin to a rushing waterfall. As I walked closer to the grate drain with a sign in front of it that said, “STAY OFF GRATE,” I peered down into a twenty foot drop-off where water was rushing from the lake to a new location. 

Berkley Sjolund

This is a recording of crickets chirping along with sounds of resting lake water near the Furman University Bell Tower at night. The lake water sounds similar to wind and can be heard throughout the clip. Faint voices and laughter are heard as students were taking night walks around the notorious Furman University lake. Recorded with a Zoom.

User juskiddink on

Esta es una grabación de sonido de remos remando en el agua. Un barco de fibra de vidrio de cuatro metros está siendo remar en un lago de agua dulce en Finlandia. This is a sound recording of oars rowing in water. A four meter fiber-glass boat is being rowed on a freshwater lake in Finland.