Zachary Hughes (Furman University)

This clip captures a stainless steel knife cutting through the tissue a Thanksgiving turkey. As the legs are moved aside to remove more meat from the bird, some of the bones crack. 

Sound Producer: Steve Doten using the Hamilton Beach 74250 Electric Knife
Recorder: Madeline Doten

The sound of an electric turkey carver shaving off pieces of white meat and dark meat to be eaten for the Thanksgiving meal. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder

stairs picture .jpg
Hannah Gibson

This sound is the sound recording of two females walking up a few stairs and then walking back down. This sound was recorded to be representative of the fact that our society does not realize how loud we can become with our walking and modes of transportation. These are stairs at Furman University, and students walk up and down stairs every day. You could even go as far to say that this could represent the fact that we take for granted how accessible everything is to us with the invention of stairs. 

Andrew Wynkoop

Sound recording of the process of eating ice cream, including opening the container, a metal spoon hitting the table, scooping the ice cream, chewing, and re-sealing the container. Recorded using a Zoom H4n sound recorder.

Nino Kodua

This is a sound recording of a borscht soup (a beet soup frequently consumed in the Slavic countries) being cooked with the lid off. The stove was on the high heat. You can hear the sound of the metal pan and stove in the background. It was recorded with a Zoom H4N recorder.

Amanda Fleming

A spatula flipping the buttered bread of a grilled cheese sandwich on a hot frying pan. 

Camiell Foulger

A sound created through the use of a whisk brushing against the inside of a metal pot repeatedly in a circular motion. 

Lucette Sylvain

Sound recording of hot oil popping, the cutting of plantains on a wooden cutting board then placing the pieces of plantains into the oil.

Lucette Sylvain

Sound recording of dishes being washed in the sink and put away while the faucet runs.

Oliver Perry

This is audio of Shafer dining hall ten minutes before it closed. It was recorded on a Zoom H4n Pro mic. Throughout the clip, the sounds of clanging and crashing kitchen supplies, the shuffling of feet, and other various noises can be heard. There is also the ever present hum of my Dell computer, as well as periodic chatter from the employees of the dining hall.