Jasmine Pringle (recorder), Michael Davis, Namratha Atluri, Tyler Couch (typing)

This is a sound recording of a young adult male patient’s iPhone text message conversation in his appointment room at the Duke Student Wellness Center. In this recording, the patient receives several simultaneous text message sound notifications from a group chat, and he responds to them by typing out replies on his iPhone. This disturbance due to mobile phone use is very common in the healthcare system, either from the physician/ health professional, patient, or friends/ family that accompany or visit the patient. This sound describes how increasing reliance on and use of technological gadgets such as iPhones can hinder human relationships and natural conversations with people face to face. The constant sound notifications and texting as heard in this recording can not only distract the patient from giving the physician a full account of his illness and narrative, but it may also frustrate the physician and prevent him/ her from showing full appreciation of and empathy towards the patient. Ultimately, the text message sounds serve as a barrier for the patient and physician to establish effective communication and a trusting relationship.

Tia Chrestensen

Typing and sending the message: "Thank you for listening to my sound!" with an iPhone. Recorded with a Yeti Stereo Microphone.

Reema Idris

The sound of an Iphone face time ringtone alerts the owner of the phone that they are reviving a face time call. The sound of the ringtone is very distinct and has a different ringtone then a regular phone call. This sound was taken place in James Cabell Library on the second floor. Recorded on an IPhone.

Jazmynn Vaughn

I turned my iPhone off then on, and logged in by typing in my pass code twice. Recorded on a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder

Jacob Levine (mecanógrafo/grabador) | Jacob Levine (typist/recorder)

Grabación de sonido de alguien tecleando y enviando un mensaje de texto en un iPhone. Grabado con un ZoomH4n. | Sound recording of someone typing and sending a text message on an iPhone. Recorded with a ZoomH4n.

Chase Ellison - Eastman School of Music

Whenever I'm working at home, I enjoy using my iPod classic (yes, it's true), computer, and/or iPhone SE as playback devices to accompany whatever activity I may be doing at that moment. I noticed that every time I use the 1/8" stereo jack chord that is attached to the external speakers (4 total - 1 bass and 3 smaller speakers) to my playback device, there would be a hum/"record skipping" type noise that would emit from the speakers. This sound is short-lived and occurs very quickly before the 1/8" jack is completely inserted; however, it is a noticeable source of noise.

Katherine Livingston, Siri

Sound recording of human voice asking Siri voice on iphone, "What does the fox say" in reference to the Ylvis song lyric. Siri is a voice feature in the iphone that serves as an assistant and responds to spoken words. The original song includes varying pitch and rhythmic style. However, Siri repeats the lyric in an electronic, unemotional, and straight tone. The robotic voice is unable to provide musicality to the phrase. A Zoom Recorder was used to create the clip.