Mira Brody

Sound of ice dropping from ice dispenser of vending machine into a metal Yeti cup. 

Amie Newsome

This sound is a recording of a Furman University student at the PalaDen sipping his iced cold soda drink. The PalaDen or what students call the PDen offers a variety of food options including: Chick-Fil-A, Moe's, Sweet n' Savory, and Maru Sushi. The PalaDen serves as a grab and go food option for busy college students to fuel up for their rigorous studies. 

Christopher Matthews

Sound recording of water, from a pitcher, being poured into a tall glass containing three crescent-shaped ice cubes. Air conditioning unit may be heard in the background. Recorded on an iPhone 6, using the Spire recording app.

Mary Zhang; Peter Luo

Sound recording of walking on ice. Walker wearing casual flat-soled sneakers walking on ice formed on dirt in neighborhood park. Recorded with Zoom H4N recorder.