Kailani Tamisin

Sound recording of sneakers stepping on pinecones at the Proctor Creek Greenway. The crushing of pinecones is the primary sound of the soundscape, however, cicadas can be heard chirping faintly in the background as a secondary sound. The hollow crunch of the pinecones offers a reassuring and satisfying response to every step, encouraging self awareness for walkers on the trail as they hear the crushing of the pinecones beneath them. Recorded with a Zoom H6 recorder and a Rode NTG2 shotgun condenser microphone.

Ben Koehler, Noelle Pickard, Elizabeth Williamson, Jason Zhou, Lauren Zhou

Sound recording of a peaceful, late-morning walk along West Side Atlanta's Proctor Creek Greenway, with the sounds of birds singing. Also included are sounds made by a backpack rubbing against polyester athletic shorts. The warm songs of the birds welcome visitors to continue walking along the pathway to explore where it leads to. Recorded with Sony PCM-M10 recorder and an Electro-Voice RE50B omnidirectional dynamic microphone.

Julia Weldon

Recording of small rapid formation in Belle Isle in Richmond, VA. Recorded on a Zoom H1 recorder around mid day. The water's sound is complex because although the water is rushing, it still creates a sense of tranquility.