Victoria Priester

A small water wellspring on the bottom floor of the Student Wellness Center, a space which endeavors to promote wellness via all five senses. For the ill, the sound of water can be reminiscent of being given a bath if the patient is unable to bathe themselves. It can represent hydrotherapy, which is a broad category including saunas, steam baths and hot and cold showers used in health centers and spas. To the healthy, the sound of water can promote feelings of peace and longevity. (Wellspring of Water)

Jessica Marks

A recording of a prescription medication bottle being opened, pills being removed, and the bottle being closed. The small 20mg pills can be heard clinking against each other and the bottle, as well as the lid of the bottle as they are poured into the cap for the patient to access. The childproof locking mechanism on the bottle can be heard clicking into place as the cap is closed at the end of the sound. Recorded on a Zoom H4n Recorder. 

Gillian Fitzgerald

Sound recording of one 7.5 dumbbell being dropped on thin carpet and picked up repeatedly. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

David Baker

The sound of someone failing to properly open a childproof cap on a pill bottle, creating a rattling sound. Slight interference from the air. Recorded on a CAD u37.

Kelli Aibel

A sound recreation of a heart attack - a rapid heart beat followed by the gasp of a woman and subsequent collapse to the floor.