Dorothy Carlos

This particular clip is a very familiar sound to music majors from all across the world, the sounds of a studio hallway. The studio hallway is where students can find professors for extra help or meet for private lessons. While practicing is very important, students learn how to excel at their respective instruments most effectively in private lessons. These usually last an hour and are scheduled weekly. Students usually take this time to ask their teacher questions about repertoire that was assigned the previous week, however, this can also be a time to experiment with the musical ideas/interpretations of a specific piece. The special bond between teacher and student is often formulated in private lessons as this time is an opportunity for professors to exercise a much more personal approach to teaching their pupils. Teachers can help foster a deep love for music in their pupils, which thus perpetuates the appreciation for classical/instrumental music, and the history of that art form.

Samir Husain, Oberlin College

Sound recording of a hallway in a building with classrooms at Oberlin College. Recorded by a Samsung Galaxy S5