Sammy Bernacki

Sound recording of a band, made up of Furman University Students, warming up for a small concert. The concert took place in a partially cleared-out forest in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

Micah Lesser

This is a comparison of sound between a Washburn steel string acoustic guitar and an acoustic guitar generated in Logic Pro X both playing a G chord.
The first chord played is the physical guitar and the second one is the software generated sound.

Michael Grossman

A short guitar riff I made for one of my songs. Recorded through my iPhone 6s. Electric ESP LTD Guitar, amplified through a Line 6 amplifier. Location - bedroom. Soundcloud: BuscatiJones - Thanks,

Zachary Simms

An original recording of me playing something on my acoustic guitar.

Theory of a Deadman

This is a short clip of the beginning of Theory of a Deadman's "Rx(Medicate)". There is a whistling pattern with a guitar, bass, and drums in the background. This excerpt features the whistling pattern twice as the instruments are played in the background.

Juan Harmon

A cedar wood, classical nylon string guitar in standard tuning has been prepared by forcing a metal rod on the ninth fret underneath the strings, which creates a second bridge. The strings are then struck with wooden chopsticks on either side of the second bridge, similar to a dulcimer. Recorded on a Yeti Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone in a small room.

Noah Hoffman
Elijah Zaproteza

A tasty rift of electric guitar played by Elijah Zaproteza

Recorded on IPhone 5

Carlos Vives (cantante) | Carlos Vives (singer)

Grabación de una canción por Carlos Vives, un artista contemporáneo colombiana de música que mezcla el género de vallenato con pop y rock. Por ejemplo, Vives contribuya instrumentos como la guitarra y maracas a los instrumentos tradicionales de vallenato-- el acordeón, la caja, y la guacharaca. La canción, “La Tierra de Olvido,” está una canción de amor que está considerada ser muy representativo de la obra da Vives. | Recording of a song by Carlos Vives, a contemporary Columbian artist of music that mixes the genre of vallenato with pop and rock. For example, Vivies contributes insturments like the guitar and maracas to the tradional instruments of vallenato—the acrodeon, a drum, and the guacharaca. The song, “La Tierra de Olvido,” is a love song that is considered to be very representative of Vives’ work.

Eitan Strauss-Cohn (Guitar), recorded by Roby Salter

Sound recording of a guitar performing Johann Sebastian Bach's Prelude in C Major from his set of works, The Well-Tempered Clavier. Performed in Watson Recital Hall, a 300-seat performance space on the UNCSA campus.

Elizabeth Mitchell, UNCSA guitaristSam White, UNCSA guitarist

Sound recording of two UNCSA guitarists tuning before rehearsal. Recorded on an iPhone 4.