Georgia Tech

Student Center Picture.JPG
Heidi Davari

This sound was recorded during a busy lunch break for students in the Georgia Tech food court located on the second floor of the Student Center. It was a weekday during the spring semester so the space was very crowded. The major sound of the recording is various groups of students talking. Chairs being moved across the floor and trays being set on the table can also be heard. This was recorded using an iPhone 6.

Benjamin Cohen

Sound recording from the lobby of Georgia Tech's Love Manufacturing Building, a multipurpose space filled with both labs and lecture halls, around midday on Friday, just after a class change, where many students and faculty were moving through the space. Recorded on a Google Pixel 2. 

Hannah Castels

Sound recording of a 9:55 a.m. class dismissal, in Georgia Tech's CULC, positioned on the third-floor balcony that is above the lecture rooms and close to the ground 1 entrance. Recorded on iPhone 7. 

Lexi Wagner

Sound recording of someone typing their response to an essay prompt. This recording was done in a room with audible air conditioning. The laptop being used is a Lenovo Ideapad U530 Touch. Recorded by an IPhone 6s with headphones plugged in.

Akanksha Jhunjhunwala

Recording of footsteps at West Village, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, with the chattering of students in the background. Recorded on an iPhone 7.