Georgia Tech West Village

WV 13
Erwin Junior Nana Nkwedjeu

Sound recording of the soundscape of a study room in Georgia Tech's West Village Dining Hall. A study room typically involves individuals with laptops, books, and pencils; thus, the sounds of keyboard typing, page turning, and pen/pencil writing create the feel of a quiet study environment. However, a dining hall infused in a large, open study area exists behind the thin door leading into the study room. The soundscape of the study room as a result was recorded in relation to the soundscapes of the adjacent open area.

Nathan Eason

The 3rd floor of West Village by the Starbucks.  The low murmur of students' voices as they study and socialize and music played by Starbucks. Sharp sound of chair being pulled out followed by an opening and closing door as a student leaves. Recoded on IPhone 6 microphone.  

Akanksha Jhunjhunwala

Recording of footsteps at West Village, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, with the chattering of students in the background. Recorded on an iPhone 7.