georgia tech nature

Sully Anderson

Recording of the Soundscape of the Living Building on the corner at the Nanotech Building.   Primary sounds include wind, the nanotech building itself, cars and a golfcart. A secondary sound is some birds tittering.  An iPhone 7 and the Voice Memos app was used to record the sound

Andrew Galant

A sound recording of a college student vigorously typing on her laptop, on a second floor outdoor patio of a student commons building overlooking a patio and two intersecting streets. The recording was captured with an IPhone 7 Plus+, Model: A1784, 2016.

Jordan Pope

Sound recording of birds chirping in the Paul G. Mayer Memorial Garden, across from the Price Gilbert Memorial Library (under renovation) and D.M. Smith building. It is a Friday around noon and class is letting out and it is sunny with a light breeze.