Georgia Tech

Dyrol Forbes

Ambient sounds are recorded in the Clough Commons (Culc) building at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Philip Cary

This is a recording of a lecture of a Physics 2211 class in the Howey Physics Building at Georgia Tech. The professor and other ambient sounds in the lecture hall can be heard. This was recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and edited with Audacity.

Vishal Hansalia

This is the soundscape around the Living Building. Here, you can hear the primary sounds of cars driving by as well as wind, but there are some secondary sounds that can be heard as well, such as the sound of people talking. This was recorded using a Google Pixel and a sound recording app.

Philip Cary

This is a recording of the soundscape of the study space above the entrance and main lobby of the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons. This was recorded at mid-day on a Friday. Sounds of people walking and talking on the floor below can be heard. It was recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S8+.

John Thomas Alexander

These sounds are from the Georgia Tech Glee Club singing "Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles in an enclosed room at West Village of Georgia Tech. The way the sound is heard signals that it is inside of an enclosed room with a fairly small square footage. This can be understood because of the reverberations of the chorus sound waves bouncing off of the wall which creates this boxed in effect. The reverberations of sound create a slight echo that, although subtle, have a powerful ability to describe the room the singers are in. The audio was recorded using Voice Memos on an iPhone 6s.

Sound recording at the water fountain in CULC, Georgia Tech. Recorded on Thursday night after an exam held in the auditorium. Recorded with iPhone 6 and polished by Audacity.

Vivek Garimella

Recording of a student coding in MATLAB. The laptop used was a Dell XPS 13 9350 Touch. This recording was also done in close proximity of a machine lab, with audible hammering noises in the background. Recorded using a Google Pixel XL and the Sony Audio Recorder App. 

Ian Cox

Sound recording from a nearby table of various background sounds at the Starbucks within the Barnes and Noble bookstore at Georgia Tech. Recorded with the built-in microphone off of an iPhone 7. Sounds such as a cash register, music, and indistinguishable chatter can be heard.

Sully Anderson

Recording of the Soundscape of the Living Building on the corner at the Nanotech Building.   Primary sounds include wind, the nanotech building itself, cars and a golfcart. A secondary sound is some birds tittering.  An iPhone 7 and the Voice Memos app was used to record the sound

Alexander Schott

A student tour guide gives a description of some useful resources from inside the lively main lobby of the Clough undergraduate learning center at Georgia Tech. Many conversations buzz in the background.

Recorded on a Google Pixel 2.