The audio captures a sound of an electric woodcutter cutting a piece of wood in the Invention Studio Makerspace of Georgia Institute of Technology. The Invention Studio is a student-run space opened to all Georgia Tech students that invites innovation and design. The primary sound that is captured is the sound of the wood cutter as it is turned on and gradually powered off.  The secondary sound is the sound of the contact between the woodcutter and a piece of wood as the wood is cut on a counter. The sound is recorded by an Iphone 7s with plugged in apple headphones.

Yiyun Fei

Sound recording of a math review session in a classroom at Georgia Tech. The TA wrote on the whiteboard, answered a student's question, and erased the whiteboard. Recorded with Moto Z recorder. 

Hannah Castels

Sound recording of a 9:55 a.m. class dismissal, in Georgia Tech's CULC, positioned on the third-floor balcony that is above the lecture rooms and close to the ground 1 entrance. Recorded on iPhone 7.