The sounds in this bite include the opening and closing of a small mini-fridge door, taking out a jar, and unscrewing its lid. The sound is recorded just outside of the fridge door, and the lid is taken off the jar near the phone. Small sounds of rattling from the refrigerator shelves and movements from my hands can also be heard.

IBB Atrium.jpg
Eric Biederman

Recording of scurrying footsteps, slam of locking building door, constant noise of the coffee stand's refrigerator case, and distant sounds of conversation and air conditioning.

Alexia Tate

The sound of a refrigerator opening, picking up a drink out of the refrigerator, placing a cup and the drink on the counter, unscrewing the cap of the drink, pouring the drink, screwing the cap back on, opening the refrigerator, putting the drink back in the refrigerator and closing the refrigerator door.