Alana Wolf-Johnson

Recording of footsteps over freshly-fallen snow, wearing winter boots with sturdy-tread soles. The sidewalk, located in the quiet Park Avenue district of Rochester, was covered with "dry" lake effect snow which fell continuously for approximately six hours prior to the walk, resulting in total snowfall of about six inches. This type of snow falls in broad flakes as large as nickels or quarters, leaving a light, fluffy covering on the ground, as opposed to wet, dense accumulation. There was little to no evidence of previous walkers on this route, which accounts for not only the "crunch" effects, but also the intermittent squeaking.

Allen Zhou

Sound recording of footsteps on a staircase. Recorded on an iPhone 5.


Sound recording of footsteps on a linoleum surface. Acousmatic footsteps are often used in horror movies to signify the approach of a killer/monster/demon/etc.